About Us.....

In mid-2017 clearwells.co.uk merged with Poshh.co.uk to create one of the frontrunners in luxury home items. Using our unique strong relationships with the manufacturers we work to bring our customers the lowest possible prices guaranteed, on the highest quality products, coupled with our expert advice and after sales services.

Welcome to Poshh

Home of the best quality home item.

We are Uk's biggest and premier supplier of luxury steam showers, rattan furniture and spa products. With years of experience, our reputation as the best has been built on our strong relationships with our customers and always give the best and most honest service available. With this in mind, we don't believe in ''trick pricing'' with extra delivery charges, fitting kits or anything else. The price you see is always the price you pay.

Quality, Quality, Quality

Every item we sell we have, sat on, stood in, worn, used and inspected to ensure it meets our high expectations. With our name comes our reputation, with our reputation comes a responsibility to uphold it by continuing our provide our customers with the very best 

Top Products and Quality Service

Top quality units at super competitive low internet prices, that doesn't come at a cost. Not one single cost-cutting, money saving or penny-pinching thing has happened to bring you these low, low prices. We believe in service and quality in the knowledge that when you will tell your friends about your experience with us, that there is no better advert for us. All our staff are highly trained and will always be available to answer any questions you have.

After Care the Second To None

We're all consumers, from the weekly shop up to the bigger purchases like washing machines, cars and bathroom products. Our aim is simple, it's an old one, but one that our whole business is based. We here at Poshh, "Strive to be the kind of business we would like to buy from", and believe me we don't take this lightly. There's nothing worse than the obvious lack of help and support and change in mood after money has exchanged. You're not just buying products from us, you're getting a lasting relationship which should go beyond the initial purchase. 

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