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Best Top Loading Washing Machine Buying Guide and Review

There are basically two reasons for using top loading washing machines in the UK.  The first is because you need a portable machine for a small space and ...

Best Boiling & Instant Hot Water Taps Review

There are two commodities which are in noticeably short supply in our modern world, one is space and the other is time, so inventions which save us either or ...

Best Mini Oven and Grill UK – Product Review

Quick Jump To The List In the U.S, they're called toaster ovens, but that does seem a bit unfair since they can do so much more than just make toast. ...

Best Electric Carving Knife UK – Review Guide

Just as power tools have been replacing manual tools in the field of DIY, so they are starting to replace manual tools in the kitchen. In particular, ...

Best Kettles For Hard Water – [FULL UK REVIEW]

Quick Jump To The List Technically, “hard water” is water with high mineral content, but for practical purposes, the only mineral which really matters ...

10 Best Variable Temperature Control Kettle

Switching to a temperature-control kettle is a simple and effective way to save energy, which is good for the environment and can help to reduce your ...

10 Best Induction Kettles UK – Review Guide

Old-fashioned hob kettles never really disappeared but for a while they seemed in danger of doing so as many people switched to plug-in electric kettles. ...

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