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Even though it’s bathroom appliances which provide the core functionality of a bathroom, it’s often well-chosen bathroom furniture which makes all the difference to the user experience.  Our range of vanity units, WC units, vanity and WC combo units, storage units and wastes and accessories will make sure that your bathroom is both practical and a real pleasure to use.  Of course, they all come from brands you know and trust such as Hudson Reed, Premier Bathrooms and Ultra Finishing.

The smallest room in the house

It’s an old joke about bathrooms, but actually it’s generally true.  On the one hand this means that it’s usually crucial to make the most of the available storage space.  On the other hand, it means that it’s often much easier to create an area with massive visual impact even when you have a very small budget.  As a rule of thumb, this means being astute about what you reveal and what you conceal (and of course, how you conceal it).  Typically you want unattractive items such as spare toilet rolls and cleaning liquids hidden out of side and more attractive items, such as quality toiletries, out on display.  We’ll talk you through how to achieve this.


WC units

wc unitThere are plenty of WC shelving units out there.  The problem with them is that in a bathroom you are somewhat limited as to what you can store safely on completely open shelves.  Hence when you are considering what storage to put where, it’s usually best to give priority to finding places for closed storage units and then fitting in open storage around that rather than heading straight to open storage units.  This is particularly true for the area around the WC, where flushing the toilet with the seat up can lead to water splashes and, let’s be honest, accidents can happen even when there are only adults in the house.  If you do want an open shelf behind your WC, look for a unit with a shelf which is open to the front, but enclosed on the other sides, which balances convenience with accessibility.  While association may make you automatically want to use the storage in your WC unit for spare toilet paper and similar items, you may actually find that it’s better to use it for smaller items.  If you opt for a “draw type” WC unit, then you can simply head towards the many ready-made drawer-organizing solutions available both online and in the real world, or you may prefer to get creative and DIY your own.  Get some drawer liner to provide firm grip and see what kind of storage solutions you can find to suit your needs.


Vanity units

A good vanity unit is a major asset to your bathroom.  These days there is such a huge range of them available that you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one which suits your needs, tastes and budget.  Organize it well and it will help keep clutter tamed and your household running smoothly.  Here are some tips.


Keep the countertops clear

vanity unitIf it’s on the counter it should be something you use at least once a day and/or something which really brings you joy every time you look at it (preferably and).

One way both to organize your bathroom and to give it a restful, spa-like feel, is to make a little effort to lift everyday items so that they give the impression of being luxury ones.  For example, if you use solid hand soap, then make sure you keep it in an attractive container, rather than just putting it onto the countertop.  If you use liquid hand soap, unless it comes with really attractive packaging, decant the contents into an attractive container.  The countertop is often the place we keep our toothbrushes.  Instead of trying to get people the same colour of toothbrush every time you shop, get holders in different colours and allocate one to each resident, this is very easy for children to recognize (and indeed adults, when they’re in a hurry of a morning).  Alternatively, if you’re aiming to minimize the use of colour in your bathroom, use stickers with symbols instead.  Whichever you choose, make sure it’s clear and visual.  When thinking about other supplies you may wish to keep on your countertop, remember the principle of going up when you can’t go out also applies to counter space.  For example, if you want to keep cotton wool balls, cotton buds and hair accessories all to hand for when you’re in a hurry, put them into attractive containers (preferably clear ones so you can instantly see the contents) and stack them on top of each other.  For larger products, or to hold lots of small containers, use a tiered cake stand to provide vertical storage.


The base of the vanity unit is the place to put anything you want to keep out of sight but in mind.  If you’re replacing an existing vanity unit, then you have an ideal opportunity to have a good clear out of the existing contents and at the same time to have a think about what you need to be storing in your vanity unit at this point in time, which may be different from what you needed to store there when you bought your original unit.  If you’re replacing a sink which has no storage, for example a pedestal sink, then take some time to think about how best to use the new bathroom real estate you’re creating.


As with pretty much any form of storage, getting the most out of your new vanity unit is a combination of maximizing the available storage space and making sure you focus on storing what you really need.  For example, if you’re going to use part of your vanity unit for storing extra supplies of paper goods, toiletries and such like, then, if possible, take them out of their packaging.  Remember that low-level storage such as the lower part of vanity units can be accessed by young children, so if you’re going to keep cleaning fluids and such like here, you need to keep them in a container which will resist curious fingers.  If you’re storing towels here, limit them to a realistic number and keep them rolled rather than folded for compactness and ease of taking them out later.  There are loads of ready-made organizing solutions for vanity units, which will help you to customize the interior of your unit so it works perfectly for you.  We’d like to offer you a couple of tips.  Firstly, the area behind the door is a great place to hang hot tools, such as hair tools, keeping them organized and letting them cool safely.  Secondly, magazine holders can be used to make the most of the space in front of the plumbing.

Speaking of space, if you need a solution for a particularly small bathroom, vanity and WC combo units can be the way to go.


Storage units

storage unitsFreestanding and wall-mounted storage units are the Swiss army knives of bathroom design.  They can be low to the ground for easy access by everyone including children, or high up to store items which need to be kept safely out of their reach.  They can incorporate mirrors for shaving or for putting on makeup or just to create more light and the illusion of more space in the bathroom.  You can have cupboard space and drawer space and shelving space, whatever suits your needs and units come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and overall footprints, tall or short, wide or narrow.  When thinking about how to organize storage which is lower to the ground, remember our previous comments about keeping child-safety in mind, even if children only use the house occasionally.


Wall hung units, or the higher portions of freestanding units, are the place to store items well out of reach of children.  This includes everything from first aid items and medicines, sharp items such as razor blades and scissors and even some cosmetic items such as nail varnish remover.  Even though your storage is concealed, you can still keep it attractive, tidy and organized with the help of  attractive storage containers.  As a bonus tip, while the trick of using magnets to organize metal items such as hair grips and some grooming tools is well-known by now, it can be visually unappealing to have magnets on show in the bathroom.  It is, however, very easy to stick magnets to the inside of the doors on wall hung units or cupboards which are higher enough up to be out of reach of children.  This maximizes storage space without disrupting the overall look of the bathroom.


Wastes and accessories

Whatever  you need to make your bathroom complete, you’ll find it here and at great prices.  Whether you need hardware such as basin wastes, water/shower pumps, water softeners or shaver sockets or you’re looking for toilet accessories or tap accessories such as mounts and flow regulators, we have an extensive range from which to choose.  If you’re interested more in those finishing touches which are both functional and stylish, we also have plenty of options for bathroom lighting, shower accessories and bath accessories.

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