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Bathroom accessories can make a bathroom complete and all the ones we offer here at Poshh are from brands you can trust, like Hudson Reed, Premier Bathrooms, Ultra Finishing and Salamander Pumps.


Water / shower pumps

Salamander are one of the biggest names in water and shower pumps and are therefore the go-to brand for people who want to enjoy a decent shower even though they have a house with a gravity-fed water supply, which typically delivers very low water pressure.


Water softeners

If you live in a hard-water area, limescale may be something you’ve just come to accept as a fact of life.  This can be a fairly pragmatic approach when it comes to small appliances such as kettles or taps, the former of which tend to have a relatively short serviceable lifespan anyway, but it’s a risky approach to take to a quality shower.  Quality showers are investment pieces and are intended to give many years of service, it would be an (expensive) shame to cut this short by letting them fall victim to limescale damage, which will almost certainly be excluded from your warranty.  Water softeners are affordable investments which can put a stop to this.


Shaver sockets

A well-placed shaver socket can make quite a difference to the functionality and convenience of a bathroom and with the ones we have here at Poshh, you can add a bit of style too.


Basin wastes

Down the plughole it goes, but should it?  We have everything you need to keep your basin flowing smoothly and looking good too.  From strainers to stop debris getting into your downpipes and drains to classic and stylish plugs and chains to more modern options such as push button basin wastes, flip top basin wastes and free running basin wastes, you have a great selection at the best prices around.


Toilet accessories

If we’re perfectly blunt, the toilet is probably the absolutely last place in the world you want to have to worry about wobbles.  With our fixing kits, your porcelain throne will always be a safe place to sit.


Tap accessories - mounts, flow regulators

Obviously you want your taps to look good and you’ll find plenty of stylish and long-lasting options here on our site.  You also need them to perform well, so, if need be, give them a helping hand with our selection of mounts and flow regulators.


Bathroom lighting

Bathroom lighting, two little words, one huge difference - if you get it right. 

Safety is your first consideration

The first point to remember is that the saying “water and electricity don’t mix” is much more than a cliche, it’s a fact of life (or, if you prefer, life and death).  All lights used in a bathroom must be safe for use in a bathroom (i.e. around water).  Of course, all the bathroom lighting we sell here at Poshh is absolutely fit for purpose and can be trusted.

The second point to remember is that the primary function of lighting in any environment is to provide safety.  For all the effects which can be achieved with it, safety always has to come first and this is particularly true in hazardous environments such as bathrooms where water spillages can easily make people slip (often onto hard floors) unless they can be easily seen and hence either dried or avoided (or both).

With this in mind, your first priority is to provide task lighting and general lighting.

Task lighting, as its name suggests, enables you to undertake standard bathroom tasks in a safe and effective manner.  This can be anything from shaving to taking a bath and includes any movement you make around the bathroom, for example walking to the basin or bath.  General lighting should illuminate at least all the key areas of the bathroom so you can simply switch it on and see whatever you need to see to get around the bathroom effectively.  If you like, you can use dimmable lights and turn them down to whatever you find safe and comfortable for the situation, for example if you’re an adult and you’re just having a bath yourself, you may prefer to have the lights down as low as they can go while you can actually still see, but for children you probably want to keep the light on full and likewise if you’re performing any specific tasks in the bathroom, your main light may well be needed to support your task lights.

Once you have achieved safety, you can then use lights for all kinds of decorative purposes, from highlighting your favourite decorations to creating that spa-like atmosphere so many of us crave after a hectic day.  Here are some tips.

Use carefully-angled spotlights to create soft light.  Instead of shining a spotlight into a room, bounce the light off a wall or the ceiling (it’s fine if it’s coloured) to make it a bit softer before it reaches your eyes.

Lights around mirrors can be glamourous as well as helpful.  If you’re using the mirror to put on make up, think about using lights with adjustable strength so you can see how your make up looks in the conditions in which you will be wearing it.

Go for the wow factor with the ceiling light.  Being the smallest room in the house means that you can create a really stylish bathroom for a relatively small budget.  Pick a ceiling light for safety and then glam it up with a superb covering, whatever you like.  Put a chandelier in your bathroom if it fits your look, it’s your house so it’s your rules.  Similarly, invest in a shower light, which is stylish as well as practical (and safe of course). 

When thinking about your lighting, be ready to think a little outside the box.  The internet is full of creative ways to use “fairy lights” to make your home look more attractive.  Generally speaking, however, this is an absolute “no” in the bathroom for the safety reasons we mentioned earlier.  You can, however, buy flexible strips of LED lights and get creative with them for a very similar effect. 

Speaking of LEDs, in our opinion, for most people in most situations they are really the only way to go in modern bathrooms (even ones with a period look).  Although the up-front cost is somewhat higher than with other forms of lighting, LED lights are so energy efficient, this initial investment is soon recouped in the money you save on energy bills, plus they are very cool to run, which makes them pleasant to be near.  All this and, of course, you’re saving the environment too.


Shower accessories

Take care of the practicalities with shower tray wastes, shower legs and plinth kits, shelves, hooks and brackets, fixings and misc.  Then add some style and practicality with shower holders and hoses, hand held shower heads, shower rings, curtains and fittings.  These are all quick and easy upgrades which can transform both how a bathroom looks and how enjoyable it is to use.  In particular, pay as much attention to your shower curtain as you do to all your other curtains.  These days there are all kinds of colours and styles available and as a bonus tip you can either buy curtains with pockets on the rear side for extra storage or buy hanging storage solutions specifically designed to fit onto shower curtain rods.  These can be useful even if you have a large bathroom since everybody knows that the most convenient place to put something is near to where it will be used, which means that even if there is plenty of storage in your bathroom, many people will still have a preference for keeping their showering necessities actually in the shower and so if you have a lot of people using your shower, it’s a case of the more storage the better.  Shower stools and seats provide both comfort and safety, as well as a touch of style.  While they are obviously useful accessories in homes with older people, they can be handy for younger ones too.  Even younger people can pick up the odd minor injury such as a sprain, which makes it more comfortable to sit in the shower and, let’s be honest, there are some days when you just want a seat, even when you’re in the shower.  Our stools and seats come in free-standing and flip-down versions.  The freestanding stools give the look of wood and metal, but are actually made of waterproof materials so they stay looking good over the long term.  They can easily be moved in and out of the shower and can be used elsewhere if need be.  The flip-down, “cabin-style” stools take up minimal space in the shower but are always there when you need them.  Finally there are shower tidies, because these days most of us need as many storage solutions as we can possibly get and when they’re on show, as they are in a shower, it’s good for them to be stylish ones.


Bath accessories

Our selection of bath wastes will keep your bath both looking beautiful and running beautifully.

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How Long For Delivery?


For smaller items delivery is either next day or 48 hours as standard
Medium items like tower towers are 2-3 working days
Large items (showers, sauna and hot tubs) have a 5-7 working day turnaround although many have an express delivery option for 48 hour or even next day delivery


How does the lowest price promise work - The best service and price, there must be a catch?


Nope - there is no catch. We check our prices regularly to ensure we are the best price out there. In the unlikely event you do find it cheaper. We'll not only match it, we'll beat it as a little thank you for alerting us to the price. The price must be a genuine advertised price, viewable to the public and unfortunately, we cannot match verbal agreements/offers or auctions or verbal offers, that's all there is to it. For more information Please see out terms page


What is the policy for returns?


Not happy with a product - No problem. we offer a full 14 days returns policy for non-customised orders. Simply get in touch with us for a returns reference and we'll set it in motion.


What does 'parts warranty' mean?


Where quoted - Many of the items on our site comes with a 'parts warranty'. If any fault occurs, we operate a no quibble warranty system where we will send any required replacement parts to you on a next day delivery service where possible, completely free of charge for a period of your warranty from the date of purchase or installation. (Please retain your original invoice number to validate this) Warranty registration with the relevant manufacturer is necessary in all cases


What warranty do I get?


Like all products from legitimate manufacturers the warranty for them is carried and covered by that manufacturer - The duration of any warranty is advised on the items page. You should in all cases check the manufacturers page for further warranty terms as well as registering any warranty once an item has been received where applicable. 


How Do The Large Items Arrive?

LArge items are often supplied in a number of boxes (normally 3-5).  All boxes are able to pass through all standard doorways if the item is intended for indoor use. Care and thought should be given to if and how the boxes/contents will navigate stairwells. Often stairwells are narrow and have lower height regions, corners and banisters though the boxes that come will be able to be carried in homes unless there is a very unusual set up.


What Electric Connection Do The Steam Showers Require?

All of our Steam Showers require a single 13amp connection. Whirlpool showers, require 2 x 13amp.The shower should be connected via isolated fused spurs. If your mains board (consumer unit) has RCDs fitted, then REMOVE the ones fitted to the power cables of the shower. Must of our Hydro shower do not require an electrical connection, for those that have lights or radio etc, these units require 1 electrical connection. The hydro showers that do have electronics are transformed down to a safe 12volts. 


What Are The Water Pressure Requirements For The Showers?

Our showers require between 1 and 3 bar of pressure at the unit to operate. For optimum results 2-3 bar is recommended. Please note that all Steam Cabins require a flow rate of at least 14-16 litres per minute. The water supply to the unit must also be balanced.

If you have a combi boiler, this typically provides water at a pressure suitable for the shower, but if you are unsure, ask you plumber to check the pressure for you. If you have a Combination (combi) boilder, you WILL need a PEV. (Pressure Equalisation Valve)If you have gravity fed water, or you water pressure is not high enough, then you will need to fit a pump.

How Much Does It Cost to Run The Steam Function?

Based on current costs for electricity to operate the steam function for a recommended maximum of half and hour is around 30 pence. Compare this to the cost of visiting a Sauna in a Health Spa etc.