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Bathrooms and music are just made for each other.  People have probably been singing in the bath for as long as there have been baths.  When radios became small enough and robust enough to become genuinely portable, they quickly made their way into bathrooms and have been there ever since.  These days, however, there’s so much more to music in the bathroom.  These days, it’s all about bathroom sound systems and how to create the right one for your particular situation.  Here are some options you can look at and some ideas as to how to make them work for you.


Waterproof Bluetooth speakers

bluetooth speakkerIf you want an ultra-affordable solution, perhaps because you’re renting or because you want to have something the children can play with, which will still give a good performance, then a decent set of waterproof Bluetooth speakers is very likely to be your best option.  The ones we sell here at Poshh come in the form of simple, round discs so they’ll fit it with most styles of decor if you want to leave them out on display.  They’re also very compact and hence can easily be tucked away between uses if you prefer.  Our waterproof Bluetooth speakers come in 6 bright colour so not only will they fit in with most styles of bathroom decor, you can even buy different waterproof Bluetooth speakers for different users, for example one per child, so they can use them in different places if they want, for example if you’re going on a trip to the beach or basically anywhere there’s water.  In addition to their good looks and excellent sound quality, our waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a couple of extra features to make them even more useful and user friendly.  First of all they transmit from a range of 10 metres, so, if you wish, you can leave your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device well away from the actual water.  We ought to add here, that if you have a self-contained shower cabin, such as the ones we sell here at Poshh, you’ll be absolutely fine bringing your smartphone or tablet into the bathroom with you, because all the water and steam are kept safely within its doors.  If, however, you’re having a bath, then it’s quite understandable that you may want to keep your expensive mobile device well away from the splash radius.  That’s fine, you’ll still be able to hear your music loud and clear.  Other people will also be able to hear you loud and clear if you receive a phone call, because our waterproof Bluetooth speakers also have integrated microphones.


Bluetooth-enabled ceiling speakers

ceiling speakerIf you want a powerhouse solution so you can really make the most of your music, then Bluetooth-enabled ceiling speakers are a great idea.  Putting speakers up into the ceiling not only helps to avoid them getting wet, but also puts them literally in a great position to broadcast your music through the whole bathroom.  Since we understand that you’d probably rather not have to get out of your shower or bath and find something to stand on to adjust the volume, our ceiling speakers all come with a remote control. 

The best bathroom speakers are both powerful and precise.  They need to be powerful in order to be heard over showers in full flow and baths in which people are splashing about and they need to be precise so that you can get full enjoyment out of your music, or whatever else you choose to play.  We’ve spoken about music, but there’s absolutely nothing to stop you listening to your favourite audiobook, you’ll be able to hear and enjoy every word.  Both our entry-level and elite Bluetooth ceiling speakers can be connected to other input sources, such as a bathroom TV so you can enjoy clean, crisp dialogue as well as experiencing TV and film soundtracks at their absolute best.  Our elite Bluetooth ceiling speakers incorporate a DAB receiver thus giving you an even wider range of options for your listening pleasure.  Naturally, coming from Poshh, they look just as good as they sound.


Mirror with integrated Bluetooth-enabled speakers

bluetooth mirrorThis has to be one of our all-time favourite products here at Poshh.  Bathrooms, like the homes in which they are located, are both getting smaller and expected to provide more functionality.  In the old days, bathrooms were places where you went to do whatever you needed to do as quickly as possible and got straight back out again without delay.  These days, bathrooms are increasingly expected to be health and wellness and, indeed, leisure areas, even though they are still very much “the smallest room in the house”.  Fortunately, technology is making it possible to square this circle and to do so in a way which is both elegant and functional, as this lovely mirror demonstrates.  First of all, the mirror is exactly that, in fact it serves that purpose very well.  It is large enough to be both useful for such activities as shaving and putting on make up, particularly, is chic enough to be attractive as decoration and also to reflect natural light and to make the room seem more spacious and the fact that it is operated by motion sensors eliminates the need for any visually-disruptive switches.  In fact as a mirror, it comes with a number of benefits in addition to speakers.  Unlike most, standard bathroom mirrors, this mirror is heated to prevent misting, so if, for example, you want to put on make up or have a shave just after you’ve had a shower or a bath, then you are spared the annoyance of having to clean the mirror of mist.  As an added bonus, the mirror also comes with an LED light and integrated shaver sockets.  It therefore packs a great deal of functionality (and aesthetics) into a relatively small space (and affordable price).  The mirror is, however, included in our “bathroom sound systems” category rather than our “mirrors” category for a very good reason, namely the fact that it is a superbly effective Bluetooth-enabled speaker.  This means that this mirror may be the ultimate bathroom accessory.


Making the most of your music

singing in bathroomIf you really love music (or the spoken word), then it’s probably worthwhile taking a little time to think about setting up the optimal bathroom sound system.  The first question to ask yourself is where, exactly, you are going to put your speakers.  Assuming you have an average-sized bathroom, any of the speakers we sell here at Poshh will be capable of filling it with sound, you may however want to look at how your bathroom is currently set up and see if there is anything in it which could amplify, deaden or distort the sound.  If there is, you may want to think about moving it or moving the speakers.  Once you’ve worked out where you want to put your speakers and cleared away anything which could interfere with them, you can start thinking about how to make the most of their capabilities.  The obvious use for the Bluetooth connectivity is pairing with a mobile device and indeed this is a great way to use them.  In addition to your own curated music, you can access audiobook apps such as Audible and also internet streaming services such as Spotify.  You can, however, also link to a fully-fledged PC or Mac.  Many computers these days come with Bluetooth, but if they don’t that’s fine, just add a Bluetooth dongle.  Generally speaking, literally, all you need to do is push it into a spare USB port.  Now you have access to everything a full computer can do.

Once you have your bathroom perfectly “wired for sound”, you can think about is how to make the most of it.  One obvious first step is to refresh your lighting to make it more adaptable to the atmospheres you want to create.  We say atmospheres rather than atmosphere because even if your main aim is to create a spa-like bathroom with an atmosphere of zen-like calm, there may be the odd occasion when you just want to “paint the town red” and have a party atmosphere or times when you want to evoke some other atmosphere, perhaps a high-energy one.  Effective lighting will be versatile enough to allow this.  While you’re looking at lighting for your room, remember that appliances such as showers and baths can also incorporate lighting features.  In fact, some of the self-contained shower cabins we sell here at Poshh actually come with chromotherapy lighting, which can cycle through different colours or be set on just one, depending on your mood.  You might also want to consider how to incorporate scent into your bathroom.  Many of our steam showers have aromatherapy modules and there’s nothing to stop you from using aromatherapy in other parts of your bathroom.  You can opt for both traditional diffusers, which are operated by candles (or tea lights) and the modern sort, which are operated by batteries.  This is the perfect way to complement your bathroom sound system and bathroom lighting.


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For smaller items delivery is either next day or 48 hours as standard
Medium items like tower towers are 2-3 working days
Large items (showers, sauna and hot tubs) have a 5-7 working day turnaround although many have an express delivery option for 48 hour or even next day delivery


How does the lowest price promise work - The best service and price, there must be a catch?


Nope - there is no catch. We check our prices regularly to ensure we are the best price out there. In the unlikely event you do find it cheaper. We'll not only match it, we'll beat it as a little thank you for alerting us to the price. The price must be a genuine advertised price, viewable to the public and unfortunately, we cannot match verbal agreements/offers or auctions or verbal offers, that's all there is to it. For more information Please see out terms page


What is the policy for returns?


Not happy with a product - No problem. we offer a full 14 days returns policy for non-customised orders. Simply get in touch with us for a returns reference and we'll set it in motion.


What does 'parts warranty' mean?


Where quoted - Many of the items on our site comes with a 'parts warranty'. If any fault occurs, we operate a no quibble warranty system where we will send any required replacement parts to you on a next day delivery service where possible, completely free of charge for a period of your warranty from the date of purchase or installation. (Please retain your original invoice number to validate this) Warranty registration with the relevant manufacturer is necessary in all cases


What warranty do I get?


Like all products from legitimate manufacturers the warranty for them is carried and covered by that manufacturer - The duration of any warranty is advised on the items page. You should in all cases check the manufacturers page for further warranty terms as well as registering any warranty once an item has been received where applicable. 


How Do The Large Items Arrive?

LArge items are often supplied in a number of boxes (normally 3-5).  All boxes are able to pass through all standard doorways if the item is intended for indoor use. Care and thought should be given to if and how the boxes/contents will navigate stairwells. Often stairwells are narrow and have lower height regions, corners and banisters though the boxes that come will be able to be carried in homes unless there is a very unusual set up.


What Electric Connection Do The Steam Showers Require?

All of our Steam Showers require a single 13amp connection. Whirlpool showers, require 2 x 13amp.The shower should be connected via isolated fused spurs. If your mains board (consumer unit) has RCDs fitted, then REMOVE the ones fitted to the power cables of the shower. Must of our Hydro shower do not require an electrical connection, for those that have lights or radio etc, these units require 1 electrical connection. The hydro showers that do have electronics are transformed down to a safe 12volts. 


What Are The Water Pressure Requirements For The Showers?

Our showers require between 1 and 3 bar of pressure at the unit to operate. For optimum results 2-3 bar is recommended. Please note that all Steam Cabins require a flow rate of at least 14-16 litres per minute. The water supply to the unit must also be balanced.

If you have a combi boiler, this typically provides water at a pressure suitable for the shower, but if you are unsure, ask you plumber to check the pressure for you. If you have a Combination (combi) boilder, you WILL need a PEV. (Pressure Equalisation Valve)If you have gravity fed water, or you water pressure is not high enough, then you will need to fit a pump.

How Much Does It Cost to Run The Steam Function?

Based on current costs for electricity to operate the steam function for a recommended maximum of half and hour is around 30 pence. Compare this to the cost of visiting a Sauna in a Health Spa etc.