Lisna Waters - Black

Lisna Waters - Black

The Lisna Waters name is synonymous with luxury.  For over a decade, Lisna Waters has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of the finest whirlpool baths and steam showers.  As you would expect, they are known for using only the finest materials and the highest manufacturing standards. 

The three pillars of the Lisna Waters brand are elegance, design and quality and these values are reflected not only in the products they create, but in everything they do.

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  • Lisna Waters LW4 Quadrant Steam Shower

  • Lisna Waters LW10 900 x 900 Quadrant Steam Shower

  • Lisna Waters LW9 1200 x 900 Rectangular Steam Shower

  • Lisna Waters LWW1 Steam Shower & Whirlpool Bath Cabin 1350 x 800mm

  • Lisna Waters LWW2 Steam Shower, Airspa Whirlpool Bath Cabin 1500 x 900mm

  • Lisna Waters LWW4 Steam Shower, Airspa Whirlpool Bath Cabin 1670mm x 850mm

  • Lisna Waters LWW3 Steam Shower, Airspa Whirlpool Bath Cabin 1700 x 900mm

  • Lisna Waters LWST Steam Shower, Airspa & Whirlpool Bath Cabin 1350 x 1350 Quadrant


8 Item(s)

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Lisna Waters


While steam showers and whirlpool baths are obviously intended primarily as health and wellness products, the fact is that they will be placed in family bathrooms and, because of this, it’s highly preferable if they look visually appealing so that they help to create a spa-like feeling every time the user walks into their bathroom.  This immediately helps to promote relaxation even before the lovely, warm water is turned on.


In the world of design, as in life, change is the only constant.  Lifestyles change and so do expectations, designs need to change with them, so that they can continue to be relevant.  While the basic concept of bathing and showering has been much the same throughout history, the progress of time has brought new materials, new means of heating water and new methods of delivering it where it is needed.  Lisna Waters is committed to staying in the vanguard of design innovation without compromising on the longstanding values, which have made it a successful company.


It goes without saying that any company which produces luxury whirlpool baths and steam showers absolutely must have the highest commitment to quality in its products.  They must use only the best materials and lead the way in manufacturing standards.  What sets Lisna Waters apart is their commitment to end-to-end quality, in short to ensuring that their customer satisfaction level is second to none.  When you buy a steam shower or whirlpool bath from Lisna Waters, you are buying the reassurance of knowing that the guarantee which came with your product actually has meaning in the real world, since Lisna Waters has repeatedly proven itself both able and willing to support its customers quickly, courteously and effectively.