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Physical and mental stress are now widespread issues throughout the UK (and indeed the world).  Fortunately, increased recognition of this fact has led to increased efforts to address it, one of which being the use of hot tubs.  Regardless of whether your taste is for modern hot tubs or more traditional-looking wooden hot tubs, here at Poshh, we can help you to take care of yourself (and your family).


Choosing the right hot tub

hot tubIf you buy a hot tub from us a Poshh, you can rest assured that it will come with all the basic functionality you would expect from a quality appliance.  To begin with, it will be effectively insulated, which means that the heat will stay in the water rather than being absorbed by the hot tub itself.  This will, of course, help to keep your running costs down (high-quality hot tubs are very economical to run; this is one major difference between them and their cheaper counterparts).  They will also be provided with covers, which really are tight.  Tight covers are important not only for insulation but to keep debris out of the hot tub, this can be more than just uncomfortable for the user; it can actually damage the hot tub.  Just for clarity, when we say “tight” we mean “snug” rather than “difficult to get on or off”.  While we’re on the topic of heating the water, all hot tubs sold at Poshh have efficient heaters, which again, helps to keep down running costs.  They also have effective pumps, which make sure that all the lovely hot water for which you’ve paid, actually gets delivered where you want it to be.  Keeping the hot water circulating is really what a hot tub is all about, added to which the quality of the pump is a major factor in determining the energy-efficiency of the hot tub as a whole and, as a final bonus, the most efficient pumps are generally the quietest.  This may seem like a small point, but it can make the difference between being able to have a tranquil conversation at a normal volume and having to speak up so everyone can hear you (including passers-by) or being able to enjoy your favourite music without constant background interference and that can actually make a huge difference to your overall enjoyment of the hot tub.  Last, but by absolutely no means least, the hot tubs sold here at Poshh all have top quality jets, which means that they can feasibly be used for medical purposes as well as for general wellness. 


Knowing this, you can save yourself the hassle of having to check all of these features are present and correct and focus on the details, of which by far the most important is getting the right size of hot tub for your needs.


Picking the right size of hot tub

There are three questions to ask yourself before picking the right size of hot tub for your situation.

Am I going to use the hot tub in the winter?

hot tubIt can be utterly glorious to be in a hot tub in winter, what can be less glorious is getting in and out of it.  You may be totally fine walking down to the other end of the garden in nothing but a bathing suit when the weather is warm and there are plenty of plants and leaves to ensure your privacy, but you may feel rather differently about making the same trip when it’s freezing cold and your garden is fully open to view.  This means that if you have plans to use the hot tub all year round, then it needs to have sheltered changing facilities nearby, which, for practical purposes means the hot tub either needs to be near the house or have some sort of shed next to it.  This may limit your choice of siting location.  You probably also want to spend some time thinking about privacy issues, both visual and audible.  Obviously, this is going to depend on a number of factors, but the key point to remember is that anyone who uses the hot tub is going to be wearing swimming clothes and because of this, some of the people who may prefer for the hot tub to be sited out of public view.  The other point to consider is the fact that sound carries, hence if you’re planning on playing music and socializing around the hot tub then, again, you might want to think about taking steps to ensure that the noise is kept to a level which is fine with the neighbours.  Even if you’re just planning on having conversations in your hot tub, you may want to consider siting it somewhere which enhances your privacy.


What’s the route from the nearest delivery point to my intended siting location?

Hot tubs are generally delivered as one, whole tub and hence are very bulky items.  Even if, theoretically, you have room in your garden for a larger hot tub, the fact of the matter is that the size of the hot tub you eventually choose will be determined by the narrowest point on the route to its eventual location, unless of course, you want to get creative and think about using cranes and so forth.  Even then, you will need to think about access for the crane and for clearance.  As an added tip, when you’re thinking about the dimensions of a hot tub, it’s a good idea to add an extra 5% on to the manufacturer’s stated dimensions, to ensure a bit of “wiggle room”.  You will also need to site the hot tub somewhere which permits easy access for the initial installation and which can also be accessed later if maintenance work is required.  For the record, the hot tubs we sell here at Poshh all come with a guarantee from a brand you can trust, so in the unlikely event that there are any problems with your hot tub, you have the reassurance of knowing that your guarantee is actually worth the paper it’s printed on and will be upheld.


Realistically, how many people are going to want to use the hot tub together on a regular basis?

inflatable hot tubIn simple terms, if you buy a larger hot tub, you will be able to fit more people in it at the same time and this can make for a great social experience.  On the other hand, bigger hot tubs not only cost more, but they also take up more of your valuable outdoor space and can be more challenging to get into your garden in the first place.  They also have somewhat higher running costs.  If there are only going to be a few people using the hot tub on a regular basis, you may find that the best option is to buy a smaller hot tub and explore other options for socializing, you can still offer other people the option to use it in smaller groups.


The details which make the difference

Once you’ve decided on the size of your hot tub (and where you’re going to put it), it’s time to think about the details, which can make such a difference to the overall experience of using your hot tub.


Your choice of heater

hot tub woodModern electric heaters are efficient and economical.  If all you want is a simple and straightforward solution, they may be the ideal choice.  There’s also the more traditional (and some might say more romantic) option of a wood heater.  These can be a very practical choice if you live in an area where there is a plentiful supply of wood.  Alternatively, you could opt for a hybrid heater and have the best of both worlds.  The hot tubs we sell here at Poshh are available to purchase without a heater if you prefer to use your own or if you simply want to use them as attractive plunge pools, perhaps for a sauna.



If you’re buying a quality appliance, you presumably want it to last over the long term, which means carrying on some basic care and maintenance.  This is very straightforward and having a decent filtration system in place will take care of most of it.  Our standard filtration system is perfectly adequate for most household purposes, but if your hot tub gets a lot of use then you might want to upgrade to Bactisafe UV-C filtration system or even to use both filters together for optimum safety.  This is particularly recommended for hot tubs which are constantly in regular use and/or which are used by vulnerable people such as younger children or older adults.



While the core of a hot tub’s benefits is the combination of the hot water and the hydrotherapy massage jets, details such as lighting can really help to create a special atmosphere to make using the hot tub even more enjoyable, plus, of course, having the right lighting in place does serve a safety function too.  LED lights are safe, efficient and very economical.  They provide a light which is bright without being harsh.

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