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Insignia Premium 800 x 800 Black Frame Quadrant Shower Cabin PR8-QBF

Insignia Premium 800 x 800 Black Frame Quadrant Shower Cabin PR8-QBF

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»  Premium Range
»  Quadrant Shower Enclosure
»  LeakFree tray design - Unique to Insignia
»  QuickClick system - Fast Build Time 
»  Bluetooth Connectivity
»  Ergonomically Designed Fold Down Seat

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Temperature read out and changes colour according to the temperature, treat yourself
No more limescale! Fits behind the shower or anywhere in the home for clean and healthy water
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Insignia Premium 800 x 800 Black Frame Quadrant Shower Cabin PR8-QBF

Quadrant showers have long been bathroom staples and for good reason.  They fit into most bathrooms (literally and figuratively) and are a convenient shape for showering because they give the person inside a decent amount of space in which to move.  The Insignia Premium Quadrant Shower Cabins are designed to be the very best shower cabins on the market today.


Why switch to a shower cabin?

For most people, the main advantage of switching to a shower cabin is the fact that it eliminates the need for tiling.  Shower cabins are completely self-contained, which means that all the water and steam is kept within their doors, hence eliminating the need to tile your walls to protect them against water damage. 

If you already have tiling, then all you need to do is give it one last clean and touch up and leave it be.  Because they will now be kept dry, thanks to the shower cabin, that will be the last you’ll see of mould and cracking grout and, of course, you won’t have to worry about water leaking through your tiles any more.


Easy assembly and long-term robustness thanks to great design and components

Let’s be honest, for most people assembling and installing new household appliances (and furniture) is just one of those jobs which needs to be done from time to time, but generally you want to do it as little as possible, to save on your time and, in the long term, your money, because, at the end of the day, the more quickly something wears out, the more it’s going to cost you in terms of replacements. 

In the old days, you could literally get a feel for a shower’s build quality by going into a showroom and trying it out.  These days, your best guide is to look for the level of information a manufacturer is giving you on exactly what type of components they are using and to look for evidence that they are offering a guarantee which actually means something. 

Not only does Insignia offer a 2-year parts warranty (upon registration) but they trade out of the UK, so if you do have a problem, you can literally pick up the phone to someone in the country and have them sort it out for you.  You also have the reassurance of knowing that Insignia is a long-established company who's at the forefront of their industry, meaning that you can reasonably expect them to be around in two years’ time (and beyond).

  • Available sizes: 800*800, 900*900 and 1000*1000
  • Shape: Quadrant
  • Frame colours: black and chrome
  • Back panel colours: mirror glass, matte finishes (white, black, grey and Anthracite) and a range of carbon colours.
  • Enclosure: 6mm tempered glass - clear or smoked
  • Reinforced polymer tray with steel frame and adjustable feet, plus LeakFree tray design
  • Insignia's EasyGlide twin door wheels
  • Magnetic door seals
  • Toughened glass shelf with chrome rail
  • Cushioned fold down seat
  • Hot and cold connections
  • Supports water pressure of 2.5 BAR pressure to 3.4 BAR (inclusive)
  • Fast assembly with Insignia's QuickClick build system
  • 2 Year parts warranty upon registration


Putting the fun into functionality

Between the overhead monsoon rain shower and the multifunctional hand shower, you’ll be well prepared for any cleaning job, whether that’s actual showering, rinsing off muddy pets or washing larger household items.  What’s more, the Insignia Premium Quadrant Shower Cabins aren’t just about getting clean.  They’re about taking care of yourself physically and mentally.  The six multi-directional body jets will give you a wonderful hydrotherapy massage, which will soothe away physical aches and pains and ease your mind into relaxation.  You can make your shower time even more relaxing by playing gentle music through the twin speakers in the ceiling (thanks to the Bluetooth connection) and fixing the chromotherapy lights on the colour you find most soothing.  Alternatively, if you’re feeling energetic, then you can put on some upbeat tunes and let the lights scroll through their range of 7 colours - the choice is entirely yours!

  • Overhead monsoon rain shower
  • Multi-functional hand shower with optimal height setting
  • 6 multi-directional body jets
  • Thermostatic controlled with Vernet technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Innovative ‘M’ touch control panel with media connections
  • Twin speaker system
  • Chromotherapy Internal Lighting – 7 colour spectrum, either fixed or scrolling

  • Tray: Insignia's industry changing LeakFree tray design
  • Assembly: Fast assembly with Insignia's QuickClick build system
  • Customisation: Fully customisable with options for framework colour, glass colour and back panel colours for a truly bespoke shower enclosure
  • Frame Colour: Black/Chrome
  • Back Panel Colour: Mirror as standard - Matte and Carbon colour options available
  • Glass Colour: Clear/Tinted
  • Shape: Quadrant Corner Shower Enclosure


  • Bluetooth connectivity from any smart device.
  • Innovative ‘M’ touch control panel with media connections
  • Twin speaker system for optimal sound quality
  • Chromotherapy Internal Lighting – 7 colour spectrum, either fixed or scrolling


  • Overhead monsoon rain shower 
  • Multi-functional hand shower with optimal height setting
  • 6 omni-directional body jets
  • Thermostatic controlled with Vernet technology
  • Hot and cold connections
  • Recommended 2.5 BAR pressure minimum
  • Do NOT exceed 3.4 BAR pressure


  • Insignia's EasyGlide twin door wheels
  • Magnetic door seals
  • 6mm tempered glass enclosure
  • Toughened glass shelf with chrome rail
  • Reinforced polymer tray with steel frame and adjustable feet
  • Cushioned fold down seat
  • 2 Year parts warranty upon registration


Additional Information

Size 800 x 800
Height 2150mm
Tray Shape Quadrant
Warranty Period 2 Years
Barcode No


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What Electric Connection Do The Steam Showers Require?

All of our Steam Showers require a single 13amp connection. Whirlpool showers, require 2 x 13amp.The shower should be connected via isolated fused spurs. If your mains board (consumer unit) has RCDs fitted, then REMOVE the ones fitted to the power cables of the shower. Must of our Hydro shower do not require an electrical connection, for those that have lights or radio etc, these units require 1 electrical connection. The hydro showers that do have electronics are transformed down to a safe 12volts. 


What Are The Water Pressure Requirements For The Showers?

Our showers require between 1 and 3 bar of pressure at the unit to operate. For optimum results 2-3 bar is recommended. Please note that all Steam Cabins require a flow rate of at least 14-16 litres per minute. The water supply to the unit must also be balanced.

If you have a combi boiler, this typically provides water at a pressure suitable for the shower, but if you are unsure, ask you plumber to check the pressure for you. If you have a Combination (combi) boilder, you WILL need a PEV. (Pressure Equalisation Valve)If you have gravity fed water, or you water pressure is not high enough, then you will need to fit a pump.

How Much Does It Cost to Run The Steam Function?

Based on current costs for electricity to operate the steam function for a recommended maximum of half and hour is around 30 pence. Compare this to the cost of visiting a Sauna in a Health Spa etc.