What is safety glass?

All of our showers are fitted with safety glass. Safety glass has enhanced thermal resistance, and breaks into small cuboid fragments rather than irregular sharp shards of glass and therefore is less likely to cause injury. Safety glass is often called tempered glass or toughened glass and has a greater level of resilience to impact than regular glass under normal use, however it may be easily damaged/shattered if it comes into contact with hard surfaces such as tiled floors etc especially if struck on the corners of the glass. NOTE: Even the cuboid glass pieces may still cause personal injury. When handling the glass wear protective gloves, rest the panels on wood, rubber or several layers of cardboard rather than hard surfaces. When fitting, take care when hanging the doors, and fitting the cams (wheels). During everyday use, always treat glass with care as you should with glass, sharp knocks, slamming of the doors etc can cause the doors to shatter or chip. If a chip forms it may weaken the glass and make it liable to shatter easier.
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