What is the Ozone device on Vidalux showers?

The Ozone device fitted to Vidalux steam showers is used to help prevent the build up of mould and mildew which thrive in warm moist places. Your steam Shower is fitted with an 03 cleaning function. Ozone is a highly effective natural steriliser that can inactivate practically any organic contaminant on contact. As it is a highly reactive gas. As the additional Oxygen atom breaks free, it will oxidise any organic matter it touches, killing organic contaminants at a cellular level. Essentially, Ozone disrupts the cellular structure by rupturing the cell wall – a process referred to as ‘cell lysing’. By intelligently controlling atmospheric Ozone concentration, we are able to safely decontaminate any given area, as the additional Oxygen atom in Ozone oxidises and inactivates a broad spectrum of pathogens. O3 sanitation is effective in combating: Bacteria, Viruses, Odours, Allergens, Mould – Fungus and Infestations. The Ozone function MUST be used when the shower is not occupied. The Ozone process should last approximatly 10 minutes and depending on on model with either be an automatic function after using the steamer or a manual O3 button on the pad or remote. Once the process has completed, OPEN THE SHOWER DOORS and leave the shower to air dry fully.
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