Best Small Washing Machine Review – [BEST IN THE UK 2019]

Best small washing machine review - (Best Quality for Price)

Best Small Washing Machine Review

When it comes to finding the best small washing machine, there’s some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that the height and width of any washing machine is pretty much fixed at 85 cm and 60 cm respectively.  There are some models of washing machine which can take a bit off this, but you’re not looking at much.  The good news is that there is a fair bit of scope for manufacturers to trim down the depth of a washing machine, this can be anything from 55-60 cm and some models are even slimmer.

Best Small Washing Machine Review - (Best Quality for Price)

You are, however, going to have to accept that reducing the dimensions of a washing machine can have the effect of reducing its capacity.  You may also find that the most compact machines have a reduced spin speed, compared to their larger counterparts, since they don’t have the space to fit in the components needed for the highest spin speeds.  This means that the spin cycle may be a bit less efficient.

This should, however, be the only compromise in performance and you can still expect even the smallest washing machines to have a decent range of presets and to be easy to use.  You can also expect them to have good energy efficiency ratings, although it does have to be noted that this may be somewhat offset if you find yourself using the tumble dryer more because the spin cycle doesn’t remove the same quantity of water as you would expect from a larger machine.

For our review of the best small washing machines, we’ve included four, what you might call, standard picks, plus one bonus pick of a mini, portable washing machine, in case you stumbled on this article trying to find something to fit in a flat where there really isn’t space for a proper washing machine.  Here are our top picks.

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Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB Review

Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB

The Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB comes in at 55 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm, it has a capacity of 6 kg and an energy efficiency rating of A+++.  There are 8 preset washing programmes (with a prewash option) and a maximum spin speed of 1200 rpm.  The Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB was created for those who want simplicity without compromising efficiency.  There’s a dial to select the washing programme and a total of 5 buttons, one is start/pause, two are used to adjust the spin speed and there’s one each for prewash and Speed Perfect.  Behind the scenes, however, there’s some impressive technology in the Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB, including AntiVibration sidewalls which, together with the insulation, really help to keep the noise down, even on spin.

Bosch WAB24161GB A+++ 6kg 1200 Spin 14 Programmes Washing Machine in White
8 Reviews
Bosch WAB24161GB A+++ 6kg 1200 Spin 14 Programmes Washing Machine in White
  • Wash Load: 6.0 kg/ 13.20 lbs
  • Washer Spin Speed: 1200 rpm
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Bosch Serie 2 WAE28262GB Review

Bosch Serie 2 WAE28262GB

The Bosch Serie 2 WAE28262GB measures only 55 x 60 x 84.8 cm, it has a capacity of 6kg and an energy efficiency rating of A+++.  There are no fewer than 14 standard washing programmes, plus the SuperQuick 15 cycle and a maximum spin speed of 1400 rpm.  Even though the Bosch Serie 2 WAE28262GB is full of features, it’s still very simple to use.  There is one dial to select your choice of washing programme, three buttons to control spin speed and one button each for start/stop and Rinse Plus.  Noise is kept to a minimum and the highly efficient spin cycle reduces subsequent drying time.

Bosch WAE28262GB A+++ Rated 6kg 1400 Spin 15 Programmes Washing Machine in White
6 Reviews
Bosch WAE28262GB A+++ Rated 6kg 1400 Spin 15 Programmes Washing Machine in White
  • 6kg drum gives you enough room for a week's washing for 1 adult
  • 15 programmes to choose from including settings for quick wash, mixed wash, wool, delicates and anti-iron
  • Quick wash, rinse and spin a small load in 15 minutes at the touch of a button; perfect for when you need an outfit in a hurry. Wash laundry when you...
  • ActiveWater works out the exact amount of water to use in each cycle, saving energy and reducing running costs. Energy efficient with A+++ rating
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Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P Review

Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P

Hotpoint has really trimmed the depth of Aquarius WMAQF621P so that it comes in at a very svelte 59.5 x 42.5 x 85 cm, it still holds the average 6 kg load and has an energy efficiency rating of A+.  It still has an impressive 14 standard washing programmes, plus Rinse and Spin+Pump Out.  These programmes include anti-stain and anti-allergy options.  For all its functionality, the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P is still very user-friendly with a single dial to select the washing programme and a combination of buttons and a digital display for everything else.  Somewhat surprisingly, the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P doesn’t have a quick wash as such but it does have a Time Saver button, which achieves a similar effect.  There’s also a time delay option.  It has to be said that the Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P isn’t going to win any awards for the quietest washing machine out there, especially not on spin, but you’ll have plenty of time to get used to this as the build quality is everything you’d expect from Hotpoint, even though this washing machine is on the affordable end of the price range.

Hotpoint WMAQF621P Washer White
  • Anti-Stain - Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking. By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation and...
  • Digital Display - For complete programme control, at a glance.
  • WoolMark Platinum - A delicate wash programme that keeps your woollens as good as new. It uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to stop...
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White Knight wm105vb Review

White Knight wm105vb

Somewhat ironically, the White Knight wm105vb is the only black washing machine on our list.  It’s a tidy 59 x 50 x 85 cm, however the compromise for its noticeably slimmer figure is that it can only hold 5 kg.  On the plus side, the White Knight wm105vb still gets an A+ energy rating.  There are only 12 preset washing programmes and the maximum spin speed is a relatively-low 1000 rpm.  The basic idea behind the White Knight wm105vb is that the user, essentially, lets the machine take care of everything, so once you select your programme, the White Knight wm105vb will decide the optimum wash temperature and spin speed.  We get the feeling that the White Knight wm105vb was designed to appeal to smaller households with busy lifestyles, people who just wanted to throw their laundry in the machine, press a button and forget about it.  If this is you, then the White Knight wm105vb could be a very good option, even if you have the space for a bigger machine.

Mini Portable Washing Machine (644) Review

Even in the 21st century, there are quite a few people out there who, for one reason or another, can’t have a washing machine at home, for example people living in rented accommodation.  If that’s you, then you do have an option somewhere in between going to a laundrette and doing all your washing by hand and that is to get a mini, portable washing machine.

The machine we recommend is certainly small and basic.  It has a maximum capacity of 1 kg, is hot fill and doesn’t spin so after you’re finished, you’ll need to wring out your clothes (maybe iron them) and hang them up to dry.  On the other hand, it will deal capably with lighter fabrics and help to reduce the time and money you spend on your proper laundry.  In fact, if you’re not in the habit of wearing heavy fabrics and/or you’re willing to do your laundry in lots of small loads, you can even use this as your main washing machine.  Obviously that only works for very small households, but it can be a very helpful one, especially if you don’t have a laundrette near you.

Mini Portable Washing Machine (644)- Ideal For Caravans, Flats, Students. Includes Anti Limescale Ball.
49 Reviews
Mini Portable Washing Machine (644)- Ideal For Caravans, Flats, Students. Includes Anti Limescale Ball.
  • Space and cost saving Mini Electric Washer
  • Ideal for the smaller kitchen worktop, camping, caravans
  • Measures 45 x 30 x 34cms
  • Manufactured for GOOD IDEAS

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As is usually the case, the best small washing machine is the one which is right for you in your situation.  If you’re really stuck for space, then the portable option may be the only feasible one.  For those who can fit in a standard-size washing machine, the White Knight wm105vb is the slimmest and designed for a “set and forget” approach, which looks targeted at young adults in small households.  The Hotpoint Aquarius WMAQF621P is probably the best overall value while the Bosch Serie 2 WAB24161GB and the Bosch Serie 2 WAE28262GB offer solid performance and great energy efficiency ratings.

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