Decluttering the Bathroom

Three Steps to Organizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom is the place where we freshen up in the morning, clean up after a long day at work, and get ready for a night out. It is also the room that is most often neglected and can quickly become cluttered. An organized bathroom is easier to keep clean, find the items needed, and helps reduce stress. These steps can help you declutter your bathroom providing a clean and well organized space for you to keep moving forward in life!


When was the last time you used that color or shade? How long have you had that brush? The first step in decluttering the bathroom is to remove items that you have not used in a long time or have had too long. Clearing the bathroom of items that you do not use will make decluttering and maintaining cleanliness much easier. Hygiene products that are held on to for too long can collect bacteria that could be harmful to the body.

However, simply getting rid of some of your bathroom items now may not be enough to keep your bathroom decluttered. Consider establishing your own 2-for-1 rule. For every item that is brought into the bathroom two are removed. This could be done by giving them away to your friends. This will ensure that future clutter is not because there are too many items in the bathroom.


Now that only the essentials are left in the bathroom, the second step is to consider how to organize your items. The items you use everyday should be easily accessible. In a large bathroom these will probably be items within arms reach. Other items that you do not use as often, the ones you use when you are hosting family and friends or when you go out for the night, can be placed further away. In smaller bathrooms it is possible that only items that are used every day may actually be available in the bathroom. It may be better to store the items that are not used as often in another room.

Making Room

Now that everything is organized it is time to place all your items in the bathroom. Since most bathrooms are small compared to other rooms in the home, space efficiency is very important. In fact, this may be the key to organizing and maintaining your bathroom. A few well selected pieces of furniture can make all the difference when decluttering your bathroom!

The first piece of furniture that should be considered is known as a vanity. A vanity is simply a dressing table often consisting of a sink and a cabinet. Aria Furniture carries two wonderful collections of vanities that can be hung on the wall. This not only allows the vanity to be placed just where you want but also creates space underneath the vanity for other items such as a small wastebasket or a small step. Items that are used on a fairly regular basis can be placed in the cabinet.

While all bathrooms have a mirror, many of them would benefit from having a medicine cabinet.  A medicine cabinet is a cabinet that hangs on the wall and has a mirror placed on the front. Aria Furniture makes a medicine cabinet that can be made from the same material as their vanities and includes four movable shelves within the cabinet. Items that are used daily should be placed here for greatest convenience. As the name suggests, common medicines such as pain or allergy relievers can also be placed here.

Lastly, if the bathroom is large enough a stand alone cabinet would be suitable for the rest of the items in your bathroom. Since space is the most important issue in decluttering bathrooms you should look for a taller, more lean cabinet, not one that is short or really wide. In fact, Aria Furniture provides another piece of wall-hung furniture with their Asteria Linen Cabinet. This allows you to move around in your bathroom mu
ch easier than with a cabinet on the floor. Since this cabinet can hang wherever is most convenient items that are used with the least amount of frequency can be placed in here.

The Decluttered Bathroom

By making decisions about what needs to be in the bathroom, which items are used more often than others, and by selecting great pieces of furniture, any bathroom can quickly become decluttered and ready to be used. With these three steps you can transform your cluttered bathroom and create an efficient and beautiful space to get ready for the next event in your life!

Andrew Ellis

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