Dipping Into High Level Toilets

Are you planning on implementing a traditional style to your bathroom? Usually, people go with close-coupled toilets as they are flourishing in this day and age. However, you can always keep it unique by going with a high level toilet this time around. This kind of toilet is a feature and style-rich fixture that truly embodies contemporary design.

The high level toilet somewhat bridges the gap between contemporary and modern in the sense that it has a traditional look but has all the modern features and components we all love.

What is it exactly?

High level toilets are tightly related to close coupled toilets as they have the same components, a pan and a cistern. The only difference is that the cistern is situated higher than average and it usually has brackets for support. These brackets often feature intricate designs which move attention away from the adjoining flush pipe. There is a pull chain installed which one uses to flush the toilet.


Above all else, it is definitely the vintage appeal it has. Period settings are brought to a whole new level with the incorporation of a high level toilet. It gives an authentic bespoke feel that can be further complemented by also replacing the toilet seats, flush handles and cistern brackets. Cistern brackets, in particular, have a huge effect especially if you go with custom ones. There are those that allow you to inscribe your own messages on them. Not only does it add to the sentimental value of the fixture but it also gives off a tailored effect.


Disadvantages are, unfortunately, prevalent in all things we buy. High level toilets aren’t exempt from this. Their primary downside is that they are a bit pricey. While this may be true, however, there are those that fit all sorts of budgets.

Its second downside is that they are difficult to install in bathrooms that are small or have low ceilings. This is because of the heightened cistern placement. Still, merchants are always ready to help you fit this product despite any bathroom limitations you may have.


Much research is needed before you decide to buy a high level toilet. You need to consider your budget, available bathroom space and ceiling height. By factoring in these things ahead of time, you’ll know whether there are extra parts you need to overcome certain bathroom limitations. As long as you don’t forego these tips, your traditional bathroom will live up to your expectations.

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