Newlyweds – How to Share a Small Bathroom Space without Getting a Divorce

So, you and you’re significant other have tied the knot moved in together. Congratulations are in order! You have taken one of the biggest leaps of faith of your life.  With all the excitement of your nuptials and starting a new life, one key factor is often overlooked, sharing your first bathroom. The thought of sharing a bathroom can horrifying, think about it; someone is going to know everything that goes on while you’re in the bathroom. Que the chills. To make this horrifying process go smoother, let’s go over some survival tips for sharing a bathroom with your spouse.


Give Me Some Space

You just finished moving in and are still getting used to being around each other all the time.

When you have to go to the bathroom, your spouse politely goes into the other room, to cope with this, maybe you turn on the water to cover any unsavory sounds.

Even when brushing your teeth or doing your hair, you’ll give each other some personal space; perfect, right? It sure is, but it’s a lot of work and, thus, this phase will not last very long. To make this work, give each other plenty of space!


Share, Share, Share!

As your patience fades, the degeneration of privacy begins; slowly at first. Maybe you to shave while the other is in the shower, or you two start brushing your teeth side by side. It’s nice to feel so comfortable with someone. However, when nature calls, the door is shut, and the other is nowhere to be seen. You don’t bother with running the water. You’re married, not dating, no need to be shy when it comes to bodily functions. Respect each other’s privacy and share the bathroom for god sake!


Keep the Door Open

The first time is always an accident. Keeping the door open a little. You notice it but shrug it off. What can you do about it? It’s too late to get up and shut it all the way. Maybe they won’t hear it in the other room, well, at least that is what you tell yourself. When you leave the bathroom and you’re both unable to make eye contact for a few minutes, it’s clear they heard it all. But it’s evident that the part of you that cared died long ago. Pretty soon, when you’re just peeing, that door open because it’s natural and we pee like a hundred times a day, However when it’s number two, the door is closed. Let’s keep it a bit classy here.Although it still may seem like a lost cause, even after I’ve tried to talk you down; there’s hope.

There is always hope. So give this whole newlywed, sharing a bathroom thing a shot. I mean hey, you got married, right? Don’t sweat the small stuff and just have fun and enjoy your marriage together! Everyone goes to the bathroom, so don’t worry about it!!

Andrew Ellis is the 'hands-on' webmaster, content curator and Captain of the good ship Poshh Living Father of one and master of none. Fitness, health and of course home improvement are Andrew's key areas of expertise. Andrew has worked in many roles, from product designer to purchaser, for spa products, garden furniture and tech. Andrew is a really well-respected voice within these business circles.

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