Shower Enclosure Buying Guide

Shower Enclosure Buying Guide

Getting a shower enclosure for your bathroom is a major investment, as it will serve you for many, many years. So, once you decide to buy a shower enclosure, a number of things need to be kept in mind to assure that the shower enclosure stays intact for a really long period of time.

Basic Checks



There are several shapes of modern shower cubicles: square, rectangular, and other geometrically shaped enclosures are commonly available in the market.

Don’t choose a huge shower cubicle that makes your bathroom congested; rather choose the one that makes your bathroom look bigger than ever before. A nice shower cubicle will feel like a new extension of your old bathroom.



If your new shower cubicle can be placed at the same place where your old shower used to be, then it would help in savings lots of preparatory expenses, and also in saving money.

Existence of required pipes and taps at the right spot makes it easy for you to fit your shower cubicle.

Shower tray

Having a Tray or Not?

Some people prefer to buy shower enclosures that come along a tray. Getting a shower cubicle that genuinely comes along a tray is more beneficial, as it fits properly and doesn’t pose chances of getting leaked.


Inside walls of a shower enclosure need to be tiled. So, you would need to choose the color, size and texture of tiles you want to install, and in case you already had a shower installed, most probably the walls would already be tiled.



Have you ever looked at a piece of metal whose chrome plating has come off? Such bathroom fittings look really ugly, and even if your shower enclosure functions properly, the bad looks will finish its grace.

It is wise to choose a brand that has completely tested its fittings for corrosion, especially in case the water being used is salty.

Bathroom Door ideas

Door Sliders

This feature of shower enclosures is perhaps not among ones you look at while buying one. Shower door sliders are really important in determining a shower cubicles quality and feel. We use door sliders that have been tested around a hundred thousand times in order to check their quality and life.


Having a good seal, often along magnetic strips on the internal wall of shower door is necessary for keeping the water inside. Another major benefit of shower seals is that it makes the enclosure a lot more pleasing, especially in an aesthetic way.

bathroom Fixtures


Solid metal door handles and fixtures are way better than fancy, chrome platted plastic made fixtures. Plastic chrome fixtures may look fancy, but give a cheap look upon contact, and also have a small life.


You would always buy a shower enclosure that is within your budget, but you may forget to ask for any value added taxes and delivery charges. When these small amount costs are piled up, they may add a lot into the final price, and even making the product out of reach.

Acrylic Tray

Acrylic Tray


Make sure that the shower tray you choose has been made from pure acrylic, as several companies claim that their tray has been made from acrylic, but they might have used an external acrylic sheet along an ABS base. Trays having such mixing of materials are not as good as pure acrylic ones, and they have a shorter life as well as poor looks.


Few acrylics have got highly shiny, bright white finish. Don’t be amazed to look at the perfect white color, as this is a sign of bad quality acrylic. The best quality acrylic is completely flame retardant and it also doesn’t have a glossy white color, which often doesn’t matches with other sanitary fittings in the bathroom.


There are several grades of acrylic available in the market. Some firms utilize inferior quality acrylic in order to manufacture and sell cheap products. Such products have a small price tag, but they are not of high quality, and have a shorter life span. Acrylic’s per ton costs vary a lot, and some companies use acrylic that costs seven hundred and seventy seven pounds per ton, while others use the one that costs around a thousand pounds per ton. But we use the highest grade acrylic which costs sixteen hundred and eighteen pounds per ton. High quality acrylic will ensure that your tray will last for a longer period of time, and it will fade less with the passage of time.


Most acrylic shower trays come with a fiberglass bottom that gives strength to the whole tray. Do not choose firms that add lots of resin and minimum fiber. Such fiberglass is of low quality and it loses color and strength with the passage of time. The bases of all shower enclosures made by us  use three to four layers of fiberglass, while most manufacturers use just one or two layers of fiberglass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass


Generally, it is advised to have a tempered safety glass of five to six millimeters for your shower cubicle, but a thicker glass is better.


Glass without a protective rounded frame is more likely to be chipped or broken. Shower enclosure with a strong aluminum frame supports glass fitted in the door and it also helps to keep it protected.

Break Test

There are a number of tests that are conducted on a shower glass before it is considered safe for use. A piece of glass having dimensions of 120 millimeters by 120 millimeters should be able to break into at least forty five pieces, in case it breaks into less number of pieces, it is considered unsafe as large sized glass shards are dangerous and may cause serious injuries. Tempered safety glass of our showers is broken down into sixty pieces, as more pieces, better glass.

Aluminum Framing

Is it aluminum?

Some companies fool their clients by using aluminium like profiling on their shower enclosures, which is plastic in reality. Such frames don’t just look cheap, but they are also not able to protect the glass inside shower enclosures as good as aluminum frames.

Profile Thickness  

Aluminum profile thickness has a lot of importance in a long life of shower enclosures. A few companies use just half millimeter thick aluminum, but this much thickness is really less. Aluminum profiles having a thickness of 1.2-1.66 millimeter are of good quality, and we also use such quality.


Aluminum is available in a number of different qualities. Some companies use low quality recycles aluminum to reduce manufacturing costs, and such aluminum profiles are more likely to break.

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