Steam Shower Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils that have been taken from natural herb extracts and other compounds, resulting in aromatic fragrances that help in casting a wonderful positive impact on the mind and body. These aromatic mixtures are created by using fruit extracts, flowers, roots and even solid wood extract. Practically, steam shower aromatherapy involves mixing the essential oils into water vapors and then those vapors are filled into the steam cabin to give the user a full home spa, relaxing experience.

Latest Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is not an invention of today, it has been recorded to be in use for the past nine thousand years. Using essential oils as a therapy has been in practice by several civilizations. Rene-Maurice was the first to introduce the modern world to aromatherapy and he was the man that first coined the term, Aromatherapy in his practice in the year 1935. He had done a lot of research on the impact of essential oils and was amazed to see the beneficial impact of lavender oils on his very own wounds, and the burns of war victims.

Aromatherapy has not been introduced to work as an alternate to traditional medical treatments but to work alongside it to improve a person’s mental and bodily state. In depth research conducted by people like Jean Valnet showed that different aromatherapy oils have special healing powers that can aid in curing viruses, septic, inflammation and several other problems. As a matter of fact, all oils made from natural components are able to kill bacteria and we are able to make pure essential oils from them. Home steam baths has proved to be a brand new way of enjoying aromatherapy, while being in the comfort of your own home.

Stimulation of Senses

Cooksley, a follower of aromatherapy says that a painful back can be cured by using the exquisite scent of geranium or lavender. Signs of aging can be reduced by a mixture of essential oils of youth or dipping the body into a bath filled with herbal oils and pure honey.

Using aromatherapy oils while being in a steam shower is the best way to improve your experience in a steam bath. As a matter of fact, around a hundred essential oils are utilized commonly today and each one of them has its very own unique and associated impact. Users of such steam bath therapies have been able to enjoy positive emotions, improved focus and attention.

Another aspect of aromatherapy is that when essential oils are taken into the lungs, they can provide several health benefits. The impact of such therapy varies a lot from person to person, depending upon their metabolism, surroundings, time of the day when treatment is done and mood of the person at that particular period of time when treatment was being given.


Scientific proof for backing up health benefits connected with aromatherapy and usage of essential oils are rapidly increasing. A number of trials conducted in this regard showed positive results, but the results are often subject based, or they were qualitative proofs that couldn’t be measures statistically due to their varied fluctuation between subjects. Though all reports show a large number of medical problems can easily be cured by using steam shower aromatherapy.

Yim et al. says that aromatherapy might be used as an alternative or additional therapy for people suffering from depression and other mental afflictions and also people having secondary depression as a result of serious medical problems. Other research showed that the intensity of several diseases can be decreased by utilizing a number of complementary therapies. Several new uses of essential oils to cure diseases from various origins are also possible. Fungi, bacteria, viruses and even cancer can be eliminated.

Properties of Famous Oils

  • Eucalyptus- this oil is known for its medicinal properties, and it is found to be helpful in curing inflammation, cough, cold, respiratory problems, and also for removal of muscular tension.
  • Geranium- it has a fresh and fruity scent, and it is used to relax, uplift and balance the skin. It is also helpful in treating septic.
  • Lavender- it helps to provide a nice nap, relaxing muscles, boosting body immune system, working as antiseptic, soothing small cuts and curing headaches.
  • Peppermint- this oil has a mint fragrance and it works to cure viruses, pain in the head and muscles, and also to solve digestive issues.
  • Tea tree- tea tree oil has got a big number of benefits. It can help to cure viruses, fungi, bacteria, and even boost body’s immunity system.
  • Lemon- lemon oil helps in enhancing mood and relaxing the body. It can cure wounds, infections, flu, cold and depression.
  • Rosemary- rosemary oil is very beneficial; it kills bacteria, uplifts skin, improves blood circulation and even treats arthritis.
  • Ylang Ylang: this essential oil is helpful in getting rid of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental conditions.

Using Aromatherapy

Some steam showers have got a special inlet compartment present on back of the cabin, but most steam showers have got a special outlet fixture having a space where essential oils are placed. After that, all essential oils are diffused into the cabin along the steam.

Just five to eight drops of a special essential oil is placed inside the inlet, which indicates that even a ten milliliter bottle is sufficient for several sessions, while a complete set may last for several years. As essential oils are highly concentrated, it is advised not to use them directly onto the skin and they should be diluted before placing them into the outlet.

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