Tips on Kids Safety in the Bathroom 

Without proper safety precautions, the bathroom can be a treacherous place for kids. There are so many ways a child can get hurt, or worse if this danger zone isn’t appropriately handled. Follow the tips below to make your bathroom as safe as possible to avoid injuries and accidents.


Be Vigilant

It is very important to never leave a child alone in the bathroom. Make sure the bathroom is inaccessible to children without your supervision. Lock or block the doors to prevent a child getting into the room alone. Also, there should be a way to lock and unlock the door from the outside to avoid small children accidentally locking themselves in. Never leave a child in the room. Make sure you have everything you need before bathing a child so you don’t have to leave for anything. If you do have to leave for any reason wrap the child in a towel and take him/her with you.


Water Hazard

Kids can drown in as little as two inches of water. This is why it is so important to never leave the bath side when a child is in the water. Always drain the tub water immediately after finishing and have child locks on the toilet. Water can also be a slipping hazard. Make sure to wipe up any excess water from tiled floors and dry the child thoroughly. Water temperature can also cause dangers. Adjust your water heater to never go above 120 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid burns. This extends from bathwater as well as faucets. Teach your child to always turn on the cold water first if they are old enough to be using the faucets alone. Have a child lock on faucets for children who should not be using them alone.


Medication and Chemicals

Most bathrooms are full of poisons and medications. All cleaning supplies, grooming chemicals like shaving cream or hair dye, etc should be in locked cabinets. Medicine should be in the medicine cabinet or another place out of reach that can also be locked. Have the number for poison control on hand for  emergencies.


Hot Tools and Sharp Objects

Curling irons or hair straighteners left plugged in can easily fall into the hands of curious children. These items should always be unplugged and put away. Even left unplugged the long cords can cause tripping and even strangulation. Sharp objects like scissors, razors, and tweezers should be put away out of reach. Ideally, they should also be in a childproof drawer or cabinet that can be locked.


Spread the Knowledge

Any caretaker that will be looking over your child should know and follow these tips. Babysitters and Day Care workers should have their bathrooms childproofed the same way and should be aware and diligent of the dangers bathrooms pose.

Bath time can be fun for both you and your child and by following the tips above it can also be safe.  Be thorough and adamant in bathroom safety. A child should be supervised at all times in the bathroom. Water should be drained or inaccessible and at a safe temperature. Medication, chemicals, hot tool and sharp objects should be out of reach and locked away. Last, but not least, all caretakers should follow these tips and guidelines.

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