Water Conservation

With our planet being 70% covered in water it is hard to imagine ever running low. What many people don’t realize is only 1% of our water is readily able to be consumed. The rest has to be cleaned, sanitized, and/or desalted through an expensive and time-consuming process in order to be usable. A vast amount of the clean water we have is wasted. Through simple and easy conservation methods we can conserve the clean water we have and help oppose water scarcity all around the world.


Why You Should Conserve Water

Every living thing needs water to survive, yet clean water is wasted without much thought. A person can survive a week or two without food, but only days without water. Plants and animals also depend on water for survival. To put it bluntly, without clean water, everything will die.

Not only do the lives of animals depend on water, but their habitats and ecosystems do as well. Oil, pollution, and trash are dumped into our water on a daily basis. It’s important to conserve our lakes and rivers in order to keep those ecosystems alive and healthy.Another reason to conserve water is to save money. You pay for the water used in your home. If you could develop a few simple habits that conserve water you would be saving yourself money on those water bills.


The Difference Made By Conserving Water

It is amazing how many gallons of water are wasted in one home in just one month. Covering a family swimming pool with a pool cover could save 1,000 gallons of water in one month. That amount of water is enough to provide a family of four with drinking water for a year and a half.

Nearly 40% of indoor water is flushed down the toilet. Many people flush tissues and other objects instead of throwing them away. If every person in the United States flushed the toilet 4-5 times a day, it would amount to over 5 billion gallons being flushed. 5 billion gallons of water is enough to provide the population of Chicago with drinking water for 6 years.

By cutting your shower just one minute short you could save about 2 gallons or more of water. If everyone in the United States saved one gallon of water a day it would amount to 85 billion gallons in a year. That amount is enough drinking water to supply the population of Chicago for 102 years.


Ways You Can Conserve Water

  • Take a shower instead of a bath
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth
  • Don’t start the dishwasher until it’s fully loaded
  • Cut your shower by a minute
  • Check your toilet for leaks
  • Throw tissues away instead of flushing them
  • If you take a bath plug the drain right away and adjust the temperature as it fills
  • Decline the complimentary glass of water at a restaurant if you’re not going to drink it (It takes two more glasses just to clean the glass)

Nothing living on this planet can be without water. When such small changes to our daily routines could save enough water to supply a city with drinking water for years, it is hard to understand why we waste so much without a second thought. Water scarcity is a serious problem in many areas of the world. Be mindful of the water you use on a daily basis and you can save thousands of gallons of water a month. Being wasteful of our most important resource isn’t wise and could one day lead to serious consequences.


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