Why Bathroom Renovation Can Be An Investment 

Let’s face it, the biggest workhorse in the house (alongside the kitchen) is the bathroom. We spend a lot of time in there, getting ready for work, school and bed; showering, grooming, and (ahem) contemplating life.  Bathrooms and kitchens are also the most complex rooms to renovate, and can sometimes require the skills of trades people to get the renovation done properly.  On the plus side, the bathroom is also

Review Insignia INS8727 and INS8728 Steam Shower

Insignia Model INS8727 & INS8727 Steam Shower Cabin: A luxurious addition to your bathroomWhen it comes to comfort and luxury, nothing beats having your own steam shower at home. It is one of today’s most sought after bathroom appliance in the U.K. It not only offers a sense of lavishness in the bathroom but it also offers several health benefits to its users. Two of our most popular shower models

Ultimate Sauna Buying Guide

Like many traditional health and wellness treatments, saunas combine medical benefits with, in many cases, social benefits. There is one, slight exception to this, which is saunas, such as portable, infra-red saunas, which are designed to be used by only one person at a time. Even these, however, can still benefit emotional health, not just by helping with medical conditions and therefore making a person feel more positive, but also

The Ultimate Hot Tub Buyers Guide

In the UK, hot tubs have moved out of films and the homes of film stars and into ordinary homes and gardens. They help to improve our physical and mental health and can be great, social experiences. As hot tubs have become more and more popular, so the range of hot tubs on sale has increased and while choice can be great it can also be confusing, particularly when it