Best Drain Unblockers UK – [DIY Guide & Product Guide]

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how drains get blocked, how to reduce blocked drains and what to do about blocked drains when they ...

Get Rid of Bathroom & Sealant Mould – [DIY Treatments and Product Guide]

Mould is bad for you.  That’s official.  It triggers breathing problems and can weaken the immune system.  It’s also really ugly to look at and ...

Best Shower Radios UK Including DAB [Best Signal]

If you just want to get clean, then having a shower is probably a better option than having a bath. If, however, you want to enjoy getting soaked in hot ...

Best Lady Shavers & Epilators UK

Men and women are different and one of the many difference between them is the nature of their hair, not so much the hair on their head, but certainly the ...

Best Electric Showers Review – [Professional Guide]

Electric showers are essentially kettles which dispense warm (obviously not boiling) water onto your body via a shower head, rather than into a cup. They ...

Best Power Shower Review – [Professional Guide]

Power showers are used to boost the water pressure of gravity-fed water systems, so you can actually enjoy a decent shower instead of having to wash yourself ...

Best Water Softener UK – Product Review

Quick Jump To List If you already live in one of the UK’s hard-water areas then you probably won’t need us to convince you about the benefits of using ...

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