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The British summer is famously brief, so make the most of it by getting outdoors as much as you can.  If you think it might be too much of an indulgence to splash out on rattan furniture for the garden, which will only be used for a few months of the year, then remember that rattan garden furniture can actually be left outdoors all year round, so add some heaters and you can still enjoy being in the open air even when temperatures drop and if you can add some shelter against the elements too, you have the potential to use your rattan furniture almost all year and there is no better time to buy than during our rattan garden furniture clearance sale.  Here at Poshh, we have a wide range of rattan furniture including rattan dining sets, rattan sofa dining sets, rattan sofa sets, tables, chairs and bistros sets, rattan plant pots and rattan loungers and daybeds.  We’ve put together a quick guide to help you decide which option is right for you.


Rattan dining sets and rattan sofa dining sets

dining setWhatever your age, eating and drinking out of doors is indisputably one of life’s greatest pleasures and having a proper dining set such as one from our choice of rattan dining sets and rattan sofa dinings sets not only brings the experience to a new level, but also allows for more versatile use of your outdoor space.  After all, everybody knows that a standard dining table can be used for so much more than just eating.  It can be a place to work or study or a place to create, whether that’s children’s artwork or a jigsaw for adults.  An outdoor dining table can perform all of these functions too - just outdoors.  Of course, a dining table on its own is of very little use, you need seating too, which is why we sell complete rattan dining sets and rattan sofa dining sets, so you can have a totally coordinated look.  Choosing between rattan dining sets and rattan sofa dining sets essentially means making a choice about what degree of formality you want for your outdoor eating space.  Rattan dining sets are a good choice for adults and older children, who can sit at a table for longer periods and can be trusted to manage their own chairs safely.  Rattan sofa dining sets are a more casual choice and as such good for situations where there are younger children about, partly because you can often seat more children on a sofa than you could seat on individual chairs in the same amount of space and partly because sofas are a safer choice for younger children clambering up and down on them as their are far less likely to tip over than chairs are.  They’re also good news for adults who love to lounge casually.  You can rest assured that the cushion covers used on the rattan sofa dining sets we sell here at Poshh are designed to stand up to everyday use and can be easily removed for cleaning, once they are put back on, however, they will stay put until you take them off again.


Rattan sofa sets and tables, chairs and bistro sets

rattan sofa setPerhaps you’ve never really been the type of person who likes to eat everyday meals at formal dining tables, or perhaps you just want your outdoor space to be a bit more relaxed than your indoor dining space.  In either case, you might be best to opt for one of our rattan sofa sets and/or one of our tables, chairs and bistro sets.  Outdoor sofas are the perfect places for snuggling up and chilling out, either in company or just by yourself (with a good book and a cup of coffee, or even a glass of wine), while bistro sets may be the ideal solution if you just want a spot for some light bites or for work or study (or play), which only requires a small area.  Bistro sets take up much less space than larger, formal, dining tables and hence can be a better option where space is tight.


Rattan plant pots

Rattan plant pots are, of course, a very stylish way to display your plants and particularly handy for plants which spend part of their life outdoors and part indoors.  They can, however, be put to a whole lot of other purposes besides this and can be very creative and practical storage solutions.

For example, if you like to eat outdoors regularly then you could use one of our rattan plant pots to hold essential supplies such as condiments and napkins rather than having to fetch them from indoors each time you are ready to eat.  Similarly you could use them to hold bottles and cans so that they’re both tidy and ready to hand.


Rattan plant pots can also be a clever way to conceal items which are practical rather than pretty, for example cleaning implements.  This has the extra benefit of having the supplies where they are needed so it’s always easy for you to give your rattan garden furniture some care and maintenance to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.


You could use a rattan plant pot as a waste bin as they are sturdy enough to withstand both winds and knocks, even when children (or pets) are running around.  Alternatively you could go to the other end of the scale and use rattan plant pots to hold permanent decorations.  The choice is completely yours.


Rattan loungers and daybeds

daybedIf you want the absolute epitome of luxury in garden furniture then rattan loungers and daybeds are probably the choice for you.  Loungers are designed to be enjoyed by one person at a time, although here at Poshh we sell them in pairs so there are never any arguments about whose turn it is.  Enjoy the summer sun while it lasts or turn on the heating, snuggle under a blanket and enjoy the fresh air on your face while you make the most of the outdoors.  Daybeds, by contrast, are meant for sharing, but with the daybeds, we sell here at Poshh, it’s up to you how you share them (and you can still luxuriate in them all on your own).  Our daybeds are made in a modular system so they can be configured as sofa-style seating, potentially with one seat used as a table (or with a separate table) or you can put them together and just lounge, relax and unwind on your outdoor daybed.  All of our daybeds come with retractable hoods so you can put them up for protection against excessive sun or winds or leave them down for when the weather is just perfect and you want to make the most of it.


Some general tips about rattan

Rattan is one of those materials which was “discovered” relatively recently, even though certain cultures have been using it for making furniture (amongst other purposes) throughout history.  It has been steadily gaining in popularity in Europe due to its appealing combination of environmental friendliness (it can be harvested in a very sustainable manner), general usefulness and attractive appearance.  From a home-owner’s perspective, rattan offers style, durability and ease of maintenance.  A little tender, loving care, will help to keep your rattan garden furniture looking good and performing well, year after year.  Your first consideration is siting and the good news is that the best conditions for rattan garden furniture are also the best conditions for most humans.  Rattan is quite happy out of doors but is best kept out of direct sunlight and extremes of temperature.  It can stay outside most of the year, but ideally should come indoors over the very coldest months or, at the very least, be well covered and protected against the elements.  The best way to clean rattan itself is to put some washing-up liquid into a bowl of hot water and use the suds and only the suds (i.e. not the actual water) to clean the rattan with a soft cloth and a toothbrush to get into any cracks.  Clean any cushions according to the directions (covers can often go into a washing machine) and make sure that they are completely dry before putting them back on the seats (this is good for humans too).  This basic maintenance should keep your rattan in good condition, but if you slip up or are given a piece of rattan furniture in poor condition, then you have a fairly good chance of bringing it back to life with the help of boiled linseed oil.  Just to be clear about this, you buy boiled linseed oil rather than trying to boil ordinary linseed oil and since boiled linseed oil and regular linseed oil can be sold, literally side by side, make sure to double-check which one you are picking up.  Just apply the boiled linseed oil with a brush, essentially as though you were painting the rattan garden furniture and keep going until the furniture stops absorbing the oil.  Then wipe off any excess with a soft cloth and leave the item to dry completely before using it again.

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