About Us

As front runners in luxury home items, you can be sure we know a thing or two about quality items. Using our knowledge and experience we look to guide you on a path to  be able to have that designer looking home, for less.

Welcome to Poshh Living…….

Independent from the main site, the blog stands free by itself, we have our own team, own opinions and share them without bias. The idea is to offer you a magazine style reference where you can come for guidance, inspiration and fun.

We’re all consumers, this stems from the weekly shop right up to the bigger purchases, washing machines, vacuums and health products. Our aim is simple, it’s an old one, but one that our whole business is based. At Poshh, our aim is simple, it’s an old one, but one that our whole business is based. “We strive to be the kind of resource, you would recommend to a friend in a conversation”, and we don’t take this lightly. Every item our experts review, has been sat on, stood in, worn, used and dropped from a great height 🙂 only then, do we offer our ‘no holds barred’ review to you

Consider our lists the “Top of the Pops” for the home. We expertly curate lists of all the best gear for the home –  so our readers quickly know where they should be spending the hard-earned cash and save countless hours of online research.

On our site, you will find a whole range of written guides to go through, and these include things like Best of, Informational, and how-to pieces. Got questions, feedback, or product suggestions? You can get in touch with us here

Meet The Blog Team

Andrew Ellis

Fitness, health, home improvement and Psychology are my main interests. I’ve worked in many roles from product designer to purchaser, for spa products, garden furniture and tech. Hands on webmaster, content curator and Captain of the good ship Poshh Living. Father of one and master of none

Katie Mills

Our resident Editor and extremely well-respected voice in the world of design and home improvement. Has a first class Hons degree in Journalism and has written many leading entries in the biggest media outlets including Ideal Home, and Good House Keeping. Lover of the great outdoors and oversee’s all the content on site

Carly James

Previously writing for Which magazine, Carly is an extremely well-experienced home product tester. Always the busiest in the office. Mother of two and serving a life sentence of marriage, Carly is our ‘robustness’ tester and works closely with Katie. Loves the freedom of her work, Netflix and terrible, terrible jokes

Jeff ‘Hands-On’ Ellis

If it builds, screws or fixes, Jeff knows all about it. Former Joiner and handyman, Jeff is our tools, garden and hardware expert. Our in house heavy lifter, you certainly know when he’s around. BIG guy, warm heart, super warm and friendly guy, not sure I can remember a time I’ve Jeff not eating

Kelvin ‘Coop’ Cooper

Fitness fanatic and award-winning product reviewer. Over 20 years experience, Kelvin’s freelance offering have featured all across the web on such outlets as NY Times, Forbes Magazine and more. Loves his job and passing on his knowledge. Appeared on TV numerous times. Always smiling and raising money for charity

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