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Whether it’s over the bath or in a self-contained shower cabin, your shower plays a key role in your bathroom.  Whether you're looking for shower valves (both concealed valves and exposed valves), a bar shower valve, riser rails and kits, shower heads and arms, shower panels, electric showers or shower wastes and accessories, here at Poshh, we have you covered.  Our range comes entirely from brand names you can trust like Hudson Reed, Premier Bathrooms and Ultra Finishing.


Shower valves

shower valveWhen it comes to choosing a shower valve, the first question you should ask is whether you want a manual valve or a thermostatic one.  To be perfectly honest, we’d only recommend a manual shower valve if your shower is one which takes its water from the bath overflow and even then we’d recommend you prevent young children and the elderly from using it as manual valves are notorious for delivering sudden changes in temperature.  They may be OK if you’re just using a basic shower for basic tasks, like washing your hair, or even yourself, when you’re in a rush, but for anything more than that, we’d say thermostatic was the way to go for both comfort and safety.  Your next big question is whether you want a concealed valve or an exposed valve.  Concealed valves, as their name suggests, only leave the controls visible, all the plumbing is hidden in some way, such as behind a concealer plate, but is usually still easy to access.  Exposed valves are the opposite.  They leave all the workings exposed and basically it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not that it an issue for them.  The benefits of exposed valves is that they are really easy to install and tiling can stay in place.  A bar valve is a specific form of shower valve, in which there is a horizontal bar with the hot and cold controls at each end, which means that the controls are always easy to find even when you have a head full of shampoo suds.  This means it can work in the same way as hot and cold taps in the sense that the hot control goes on the left and the cold on the right.  This means that people adjust the temperature on their shower in the same way as they adjust the temperature everywhere else and hence easy to remember.


Riser rails and kits

riser railAfter your shower valve, your riser rail and shower head is probably the most visible and well-used part of your shower.  Here at Poshh, we only sell riser rails and kits from top brands to ensure that they’ll perform well over the long term.  In addition to meeting your requirements in terms of length, width and aesthetics, riser rails and kits need to be able to stand up to the shower head being moved up and down as required by users of different heights.  Even if you live on your own, you may have occasional guests who will want to use the shower and similarly if you want to sell your home, then it’s very helpful for potential buyers to be impressed with a high-quality bathroom and, in particular, a high-quality shower.  Top brand riser rails and kits will work smoothly over the long term regardless of whether they’re adjusted on a daily basis or whether they are left in the same position for most of the time, but still need to glide smoothly upwards and/or downwards when required.


Shower heads and arms

There are three main types of shower heads.  Fixed shower heads simply come out from the wall and remain in one, static position.  Wall arm shower heads are similar but they come out further from the wall by means of arms and hence it is usually possible to adjust the angle.  Ceiling arm shower heads are similar to wall arm shower heads, except they come down from the ceiling rather than out from the wall.  Some shower heads have adjustable flow settings allowing you enjoy anything from a bracing jet to an embracing mist, whereas others are designed to perform one function very well, such as monsoon shower heads, which give users the feeling of showering in a tropical rainstorm.  Upgrading a shower head is a quick, easy and very affordable upgrade for any bathroom and the results may take you by surprise.


Shower panels

shower panelJust to be clear, shower panels are very different from the glass panels on shower enclosures and self-contained shower cabins.  Shower panels are possibly the ultimate solution to the problem of packing a whole lot of functionality into a very small space, such as an en suite or even a main bathroom in a smaller home such as a city flat. 

Shower panels offer massive value for space and money.  It says a lot about many modern homes that we put space first and money second, but it’s simply a fact of modern life that many people are having to make every last centimetre of space in their home work as hard as it can to meet their needs and wants and shower panels were created in response to this reality.  Shower panels can squeeze in all kinds of options such as waterfall, rainfall, horizontal and massage sprays into the sort of physical footprint normally taken up by a standard shower.  They achieve this through the use of the most modern bathroom technology.

It also has to be said that shower panels look good.  We know that this can be said of other types of shower as well but when it comes to the smallest bathrooms, which are the natural location for shower panels, we really think you’d be hard pressed to find anything as stylish. 

We’ve mentioned this before, but we’d like to take the opportunity to repeat that all the shower panels we sell here at Poshh are from top brands, which have been in the shower business for years and show every sign of being around for years to come.  Innovative showering appliances, such as hydro showers, steam showers and shower panels are really becoming some of the most desirable items in bathroom design and hence there are manufacturers out there offering shower panels at the lowest of prices.  Remember the old saying “you get what you pay for”.  At Poshh we strive to bring you the best brands at the lowest possible prices and to offer unbeatable value for money.  We’ll quite openly tell you, you can buy cheaper elsewhere, but we doubt you’ll get the same sort of quality for less than at our site.


Electric showers

electric showerAt first glance, it may seem that electric showers are a contradiction in terms.  After all, everybody knows that water and electricity don’t mix.  That’s quite right.  Electric showers have to be made to the highest standards to ensure that never happens.  In all seriousness, electric showers work in much the same way as kettles, they just have a pump attached to provide the water flow needed for a shower.  Electric showers come into their own in situations where water pressure is low and/or there is a lack of established plumbing, for example if you’re converting part of a bedroom into an en suite.  The reason for this is that electric showers draw their water from the cold supply only.  Cold supplies generally have far greater pressure than hot water feeds, even in mains-fed water supplies (and are usually way ahead of gravity-fed systems) and also it’s typically easier to install the plumbing for them, both of which mean that electric showers are great choices for places where it would otherwise be impractical to put a shower.  The one point to remember with electric showers is that currently they are unable to support the sort of functionality seen in upper-end showers such as the ones used in luxury, self-contained shower cabins, but then again, it’s highly unlikely that they’d ever be used in places where these upper-end showers were an option.  Electric showers do have the big advantage of being very efficient to run as they only heat the exact amount of water required for the shower, so nothing is wasted and they are thermostatically controlled, which means they can be used safely by more vulnerable people such as children and the elderly.

Shower wastes and accessories

We have shower tray wastes, shower holders and hoses, hand held shower heads, shower legs and plinth kits, fixings and basically everything you need to get your shower up and running.  Add a touch of both comfort and safety to your shower with one of our shower stools and seats and add some more personality with our shower rings, curtains and fittings.  Last but by no means least, if you’ve invested in a quality shower, make it easy to keep your shower organized with our shower tidies and/or our shelves, hooks and brackets.  Let’s be honest, putting organization solutions in the shower is probably the most effective way there is to encourage people, including yourself, to keep their showering necessities in good order.

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